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Education Should Be Free

WEU is dedicated to providing 100% FREE high quality
college level education to anyone, anywhere, anytime!


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“I Am Proud to Work With WEU.”
~ Mark Victor Hansen

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WEU Answers the Call

Without access to education, marginalized populations
are more prone to conflict, poverty, malnutrition and disease.
WEU hopes to eradicate these issues by offering free education
to a billion people in 10 years.


Why Get a Student Loan?

Why get a student loan when you can get your
degree at WEU debt-free? Now you can earn your
Associate of Arts Degree in General Studies after
completing 60-units of study at WEU for FREE.


Available Worldwide

Though the company is based in the United States, WEU’s doors are open to anyone in the world. We currently have students in over 170 countries.

All Day.  Every Day.

WEU courses are accessible at any time of the day, every day, every year. We are always available for you, No matter what your schedule happens to be.

At Home. On the Go

We designed our site be usable on both desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices. Wherever you have an internet connection, you can take a WEU course.


There is no tuition associated with accessing courses or content on the WEU online campus. The university also offers tutoring and some premium services for a fee.


WEU offers a full range of higher education courses to the general public, and will eventually offer full degrees, diplomas and certifications.


Through global education and “WEU Give”, WEU is dedicated to helping prompt global goodwill and humanitarian thinking for generations to come.

We Built It With You In Mind

WEU’s uniquely interactive, self-paced and completely online platform is one of the most learning-friendly available anywhere. Our platform is designed around you the student and the way you learn.

More About WEU

Global Associates of Arts Degree

WEU is launching a new Associate of Arts degree program designed to provide students with basic foundational competencies that are applicable to needs of today’s employers.

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WEU Prep Academy

WEU Prep Academy answers the glaring need for providing worldwide secondary school education by marrying tried and true best practices with cutting-edge technologies.

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Writing for Publication

Created by Mark Victor Hansen, co-creator of the famous Chicken Soup for the Soul book series, English 204 Writing for Publication showcases WEU’s new course format.

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WEU Where You Want It


The Power to Learn

WEU allows you to take a course
anywhere, at anytime. True freedom
to learn is now at your fingertips.

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Latest News

Global Inspiration

Inspiration, compassion and goodwill, even on a global scale, begins with the individual. One person’s actions may inspire a few, motivate a community or change the world. Only through willingness to give of themselves can we ever truly know the potential difference one act of kindness can make.

Global Education

Although countless individuals around the world possess the desire to contribute to the world, most lack the education, skills or opportunity to actually follow through on that desire. Our University was founded by social entrepreneurs around the singular mission to educate, train and incentivize a new generation of humanitarians.

Global Solutions

It is our goal to break down the economic barriers to education and inspire citizens around the world dedicated to making this a better place. Through global education and “WEU Give”, we are dedicated to helping find solutions to secure the safety of the planet and prompt global goodwill and humanitarian thinking for generations to come.

Global Good

At WEU, just because your education comes free doesn’t mean it does not have a cost. As payment, we ask you to pay it forward and do something good in your community. We plan to recognize those outstanding students who demonstrate exemplary stewardship. We don’t tell you what to do but would love to hear how you are paying it forward.

I work for a mobile phone company and am so happy with your courses. For the first time I have a way to improve myself. I now have a chance for a better life. I hope I can help make a better country. Thank you for making this possible for me.

Student from Somalia

I want to make fullest use of the opportunity your university is offering people like me who could not study up to the level they desired due to high tuition fees. Thanks once again.

Student from Nigeria

You can tell my English is not so good, but your course has helped. I could not do this unless your university provides study without cost. You are helping my dream to come true so that I make my life better. My parents are so proud of what I am doing. Thank you to make this possible.

Student from Argentina